Health Benefits of Drinking Flavored Water

Drinking plenty of water can cure most of your body problems. A person should at least drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. As water is tasteless, many people find it difficult to drink that much water. Their problem can be solved if they add flavored drops in the water. Nowadays, in a departmental, local or online store you can find flavored drops. Just add a few drops in your water and see the difference. Following water flavors are available in the market and there health benefits are described below:

Blueberry Pomegranate Flavor:

Adding this flavor in water can provide various health benefits. Some Health benefits of Blueberry are it is high in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, Improves memory and eyesight, slows aging etc. Pomegranate helps in fighting cancer, protects the Neonatal Brain, Prevention of Osteoarthritis, protects from Arteries, lowers Blood pressure the list is endless. Making a fruit juice is a tedious work. By just adding a few drops of this flavor in water you can reap various benefits.

Orange Mango flavor:

You can get good taste when this flavor is added in water. Just add 4-5 drops per 8 ounces of water. Nutritional facts of orange are it is a good source of minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, copper, potassium, magnesium and sulfur etc. This fruit is known for Vitamin C content. Some health benefits of Mango flavor are it is good for indigestion, dental care, pyorrhea, bone health, respiratory problems, cough, cold, acne etc. Health benefits of Mango are it is good for eye disorders, heat stroke, diabetes, bacterial infections, diarrhea etc. By just drinking one glass of this mixed flavor you can enjoy its benefits.

Peach flavor:

Peach is beneficial for individuals suffering from aliments like Acidosis, Dry Cough, Gastritis, High blood pressure, Poor Digestion, Nephritis etc. Peaches can make your skin look healthy and also add color to the complexion. Many people like to add peach flavored drops in their water to get that taste.

Pear flavor: Nutritional benefits of pear are it is rich in copper, phosphorous and potassium. It is an excellent source of water-soluble fiber. Being rich in vitamin C, pears have antioxidant properties and are said to protect body cells from oxygen-related damage caused by free radicals. People, who like pear fruit, will drink peach flavored water also. By just adding 4-5 drops in water you can enjoy the taste of peach.

Peppermint flavor: Capella peppermint flavor contains certain health benefits. This water is unsweetened and has zero calories.

Capella Flavor drops are a highly concentrated, water soluble pure flavoring which requires just drops per serving. Flavor drops can dissolve instantly. Use them to flavor shakes, smoothies, baked goods, water or even fresh brewed coffee or tea. These flavored drops do not have fats, calories or sweeteners.

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Low Cost Natural Flavored Water Drops

Flavored drops of water have two benefits: quenches thirst of people and acts as a diet drink for health conscious people. Water drops have a hint of natural sweetener which is considered to be no calories.

Humans should not consume anything artificial in their diet. Being natural, this drop is perfect flavored water and promotes hydration.

Flavored drops are free from:

o Artificial Sweeteners
o Artificial Flavors
o Fats
o Calories
o Sodium
o Sugars

Benefits of flavored drops:

o All are natural flavors
o Only 4-5 drops have to be added in 8 oz of water
o You can increase or decrease drops in the water based on your taste.
o Each bottle flavors 30 – 16.0 oz. bottles of water, that more than 1 case.
o Alcohol free
o Flavored drop bottle are 7 litre which can be taken anywhere easily.

A person has to drink water for hydration and good health. Many people do not like plain water or they can not afford bottled water available in the market, these people can choose a low cost method which will cost a few pennies per serving. Buy natural drops and just add 4-5 drops in 8 oz of water. Now your water is ready you can drink it. In addition, if you want to add more or less drops in your water you can do it and create your perfect blended water based on your taste.

We have nearly 8 flavors to choose from. In the morning you may feel like having peppermint water or Pear water in the afternoon or Grape for good health in the evening. You can choose one based on your mood. You can try blending two or more drops in your water. For example, you can try blending 6 drops of peach and 2 drops of Peppermint to 12 oz of water to create flavored water.

When you compare the price of leading brands like Metro-mint and Hint which sell flavored bottled water with flavored drops you will find a huge difference.

Some of the natural flavored drops are:

o Blueberry Pomegranate
o Concord Grape
o Kiwi Strawberry
o Orange Mango
o Peach
o Pear
o Peppermint
o Wild Cherry

You can enjoy your flavored water at a low cost by buying flavored drops.

Water and Health

Water is the life blood of every living thing in the world. Most of the earths surface is covered by water. Plants, fruits, vegetables, Animals, and Mammals need water to survive. Humans are no different. Water should be the beverage of choice for all of us. Sadly it is not. As a result some people suffer the consequences of not making significant water drinking a daily priority.

As I grew up my mother would always tell me to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. I’m assuming she heard this somewhere. Perhaps she heard it on Oprah or one of the talk radio shows she used to listen to. I can still hear her telling me to drink lots of water till this very day. At times she would not let me drink anything else until I had met my water requirements for the day. Often I would tell her I had drank enough water at the water fountain at school so I could drink kool-aid or soda. That response never worked. Most of my meals as a child were occupied by a glass of water. I’m thankful that she created the habit in me to drink water regularly because it has afforded me good health. Currently experts actually say you should drink water with meals because it helps the body feel refreshed.

Seventy percent of our body is made up of water. Half of our weight is water weight. Water aids in our internal systems working properly. Our blood and cells are mostly made up of water as well. When we don’t drink enough water our bodies actually retain water. We can tell that this is happening because our urine will be dark yellow. This is the bodies way of telling us that we need to drink more water. On the contrary when our urine is light yellow or clear our body is getting rid of excess water because we are fully hydrated. You really want to stay on this end of the spectrum.

Some experts say we should drink half of our weight in ounces of water a day. If it is warm outside we should drink more water than usual. While exercising or doing strenuous activity that causes us to sweat we should drink water before during, and afterwards. If we do not do this we may become dehydrated. There are a lot of unhealthy consequences that come with dehydration such as fainting, headaches, strong smelling urine, and many more you don’t want to experience.

There are many ways we can get our daily dose of water. Foods we eat such as fruits, and vegetables contain lots of water. Natural fruits, and vegetables are the best source not those that are processed in a bag or can. Many of the drinks we drink daily have lots of water in them even coffee. However, be careful not to totally depend on juice, soda and kool-aid for your hydration sources as these drinks have high sugar and calories that aren’t good for the body in high doses. Pure H2O is always a pure and elite source of hydration. In addition for every serving of alcohol we drink we should drink a cup of water to subdue it because alcohol actually absorbs water.

I am aware that many people just don’t like the taste of water. There are many water supplements on the market that give water flavor as well as added vitamins and minerals that are actually good for you. Personally my water flavor enhancer of choice is twist tubes by a certified organic health and wellness company. They have several flavors that help enhance immunity, joint health, and fruit and vegetable servings the body needs. The flavors range from orange to kiwi strawberry. Personally I use the immunity Kiwi strawberry flavor in place of airborne. I have found that these twist tubes give my water a delicious flavor without all the added sugar, and calories that other competing water flavoring brands give.

Really there is no excuse for not staying hydrated and drinking enough water everyday. If you are not currently drinking water I suggest you start to make this a regular routine in your life. You will feel better, and it will help your health. Your body will thank you.